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Technological advances in recent years resulted in exponential growth of innovative hand-held devices such as smart phones, tablets, kindles, notebooks, and tablets.

Around 90% of internet users are switching between multiple screens with a variety of screen resolutions.

So, it is important for web entrepreneurs and businesses to develop websites that are optimized for all devices.

These responsive websites should have a single URL and HTML code with the ability to optimize according to the screen resolution on which it is opened giving a great viewing experience.


This Is What You Will Get From Our Services

Quality Unique Design

Style, color scheme, and other components are selected and designed in accordance with your corporate identity and brand philosophy.

User-friendly Interface

Our creative designer will ensure friendly and handy navigation with easy-to-use interfaces that can help to get high conversions.

SEO Ready

Our designers incorporate SEO-ready components with ready on-page search engine optimization with a view to garner top ranks by Google.

Responsive Design

All websites created by us are a visual delight on all devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, phablets, kindles, notebooks, and mobile phones.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Considering different browsers display websites in their own peculiar way resulting in variations. Our design ensures that your website will be displayed correctly on all browsers.

High Website Speed Technology

We ensure quick page loading with cache clearing built in, to enhance user experience, conversions, and the greatest possibility of improving  your site’s search ranking.

Handy Content Management System

We use WordPress, the best CMS in the world, for website development. This allows anyone without experience to publish their content and easily add pages.

Constant Customer Support

We don’t rest content just with developing your website, we are with you to extend technical support to solve any problem that may arise going forward.


Websites Done

Repeat Customers


Satisfied Customers


Lots of people are happy with our services. Are you gonna be our happy clients?

  • I didn’t really understand how site could be so profitable and the site provided looks amazing, this is important with impulse buying stimulated through social media marketing. The marketing plan provided is really effective and I don’t have to stress about SEO.

    Silvia Lopez. Wellington, New Zealand
  • I purchased 2 Sites and it is already helps my business. I am looking at purchasing more sites sites soon. I should have a full time income by then (hopefully). The service provided by these guys is very good.

    Mark Turner. San Francisco, California
  • My site is slick and the sliders look so good. The payment gateway works well and the marketing plan focusing on Social Media is spot on. I am looking at purchasing multiple sites and promoting them in the one network.

    Jason Ryder Toronto, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide a free SSL Certificate on a permanent basis?
We own a dedicated server delivering the highest speeds possible and our package includes free SSL certification for all accounts.


How can you provide Free Hosting Permanently?

We own a dedicated server with space for 10,000+ websites, it is easy for us to build sites and keep files on our secure server. 

As well as free hosting for your site we will set up a hosted email such as or or, this will be hosted free of charge permanently as well, saving you $72 per year (this is what godaddy charge for email hosting)


Will I be the full right owner of this website?
Absolutely. All rights are transferred to you together with the website.
What CMS do you use, and why?
We use WordPress for all the sites we develop. WordPress is an easy and super-friendly CMS used by over 7.5 million websites of all sizes and niches. And we recommend it to all online entrepreneurs, even the ones with zero experience.
What if I need to make some changes in the future?

We provide full customer support. Any changes within a period of 30 days will be free of charge, after the grace period you can apply for our different services anytime you like. For any special requirements, you can contact us for a quotation.

Will I be able to make changes by myself?
WordPress based sites are easy to edit, and you can make changes yourself. As for static landing pages, editing them is more difficult, so we normally advise their owners to apply for our professional support, in case they have no relevant experience.

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