How to boost your traffic with “Related Posts”

Jetpack’s Related Posts feature scans all of the posts on your site (or blog), analyzes them, and shows your visitors other posts with related content that they might be interested in reading once they’re done reading the one that brought them to your site. Most sites who activate this see an increase in traffic. On [...]

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Search Engine Optimization Tips For WordPress Sites

Wordpress & SEO Since being released on May of 2003, Wordpress has quickly climbed up the internet ladder to now power about one quarter of all new websites. Since its inception in 2003, Wordpress has grown from being known as a “blogging” platform to being a powerful content management system (CMS). According to Wikipedia: WordPress [...]

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Free WordPress Magazine Theme

We have been working tirelessly for almost a month on this theme but today we are so excited to present our newest FREE Magazine WordPress Theme: Delivery Lite to you. Delivery Lite is a minimalist, beautiful, modern and mobile-friendly a.k.a responsive magazine theme. It great for online magazines websites, news websites or personal blogs, because the minimalism it will [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Jetpack for WordPress

We were promised a future filled with jetpacks. While this would make our world infinitely cooler, there comes certain pros and cons to a jetpack. Pros: fly like a bird, avoid rush hour traffic, skip long layovers in Atlanta. Cons: run out of fuel mid-air, engine may burn your backside, deadly collisions. While we can’t [...]

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